4 Places Worth Traveling to on National Bacon Lovers Day

4 Places Worth Traveling to on National Bacon Lovers Day

From beer-glazed bacon to bacon-wrapped burritos, the popular menu item is a strong favorite across the country. There’s just something magical about a side of bacon, a late-night bacon milkshake or slices of bacon on a club sandwich.

Here are a few bacon-themed restaurant picks:


  1. Ann Marie’s Bacon Bar in Louisville, Kentucky:  Bacon and bourbon brownies, anyone? Or, if you’re looking for more of a meal, choose the bacon wrapped meatloaf, which also includes bacon cheddar mashed potatoes. Bacon overload!
  2. BarBacon Bar & Restaurant in New York City: What goes better with bacon than beer? For $20, you get to select four artisanal bacons and four craft beers. There’s also a bacon lobster roll on the menu, for those who are even more adventurous.
  3. John Berryhill’s BACON in Boise, Idaho: With tons of varieties on the menu (including chocolate bacon, super hot, herbed, tempeh, pancetta, candied and maple rosemary), you can’t go wrong. There’s something for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re looking for sweet or salty options.
  4. Bacon Bacon in San Francisco, California: Bacon Bacon runs a food truck as well as a café and serves up homemade bacon scones, bacon jam and more. “You had me at bacon” is one of the lines this restaurant uses on its merchandise t-shirts. We believe it.

But even if you can’t get your hands on some sizzling bacon, you can always plan a beer and bacon tour for the future, or order some bacon donuts for your family, friends or office pals. Yum!!

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