Austin startup takes on Vonage, expects 3 million users soon

April 17, 2015

Written by Christopher Calnan

An Austin startup that developed a mobile app to eliminate roaming charges for international phone service is yet another example of how just about everything is being shifted to — or routed through — the Internet.

YouRoam Inc. is re-routing such calls to voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, technology with a mobile app. A similar approach has made Vonage and Skype household names — not to mention corporate powerhouses.

Entertainment content — including music, movies and television shows — represents the lion’s share of old-school content making its way to or through the Internet and the sea change will inevitably flood conventional voice services, said Jeff Kagan, an Atlanta-based telecommunications industry analyst.

“It’s going to be a transformation that takes five, 10, 15 years,” he said. “We’re all using the Internet for everything.”

Here’s how YouRoam is using the Web in a new way: It enables users to make international calls over the Internet by using their own Android operating system and Apple Inc. mobile phones with Wi-Fi service. Instead of paying as much as $2 or $3 per minute in roaming charges, YouRoam charges customers pennies per minute, CEO Marcos Cunha said.

“It’s way cheaper than all the alternatives out there,” he said.

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