Power your business with real-time communications

Issues your business faces with BYOD

Businesses are looking for a user-friendly solution to enable employees to call and text internationally and receive calls while roaming. Roaming and long-distance calls can be expensive, often times $0.20 – $3.00 per minute.


In fact, 37% of Fortune 1000 companies spend $1K per month per traveler in roaming fees. Not to mention employees often receive customer calls on their personal cell phone numbers even after work hours.


YouRoam's Solution


Call and Text Anyone

Display your phone number on the Caller ID


Receive Calls on YOUR Mobile Number

Anywhere in the world from any phone

Two Number

Manage 2 Phone Numbers

Keep work and personal numbers separate while using the same mobile phone


Simple Pricing of just $15/month

Call and text unlimited globally

Additional Productivity Tools for Business Users

  • Smart Caller ID: Always know who is calling you
  • View All Missed Calls: Even if your phone was turned off
  • Text Globally: No need for app to app texting
  • HD Call Quality: Perfect reception over WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE, international data plans, or a local Sim
  • Private and Group Chats: Send pictures, videos, voice memos or your location. Invite specific groups and teams
  • Online Status: See your contact’s online status, schedule meetings and start conversations.
  • Safe and Secure: Containerized voice and text on app-to-app communications makes it safe and secure for the enterprise. Calls are HD quality, bypass the Public Telephone System and avoid security issues.
  • Privacy: Keep Your Personal Number Private

Enterprise Features

Web Panel

Web panel for calling and texting through the computer


Manage an analytics dashboard with the entire organization’s communication behavior


Conversations and contacts are protected by strong authentication and encryption


Highly available service- oriented architecture ensures no deterioration in performance over scale