Welcome to YouRoam

How does YouRoam work?

YouRoam is a mobile application that allows you to receive calls on your original phone number and make calls to anyone in the world without incurring roaming or international charges. YouRoam also lets you call and text any phone in the world, even if the person you are calling does not have the app or a smartphone.
First, we help you forward your phone number into YouRoam before you leave your home country. Once you arrive to your destination, turn on your WiFi and start receiving calls at very inexpensive ratesfor free! You can receive calls from people who don’t have YouRoam if you have a phone number from one of the 36 countries currently supported. Even if you don’t have a phone number from the supported countries, you will be able to call and text anyone in the world displaying your own caller ID and also receive make and receive calls from anywith YouRoam users for free!

What countries are supported?

YouRoam can be used in almost every country!

Call forwarding is only available in 36 countries:

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Dominican Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Isreal
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Venezuela

What is the difference between YouRoam and applications like Skype or Viber?

With YouRoam, a caller can call you from any landline or mobile, directly on YOUR PHONE number. Your friends and clients don not ever need to know you are abroad.  There is no need for App-to-App calling with YouRoam. There are no long-term contracts and you can give us a try for free!

Does YouRoam use my regular minutes?

It depends on how you use YouRoam. If you use it to make and receive calls and texts with other YouRoam users, then everything is routed through data and does not use any of your minutes. If you forward your phone number to YouRoam before a trip, carriers typically deduct the minutes you spend on forwarded calls against your monthly minutes. However, since YouRoam provides you with a local telephone number, you will not face large international roaming fees while making and receiving calls abroad if you call through YouRoam.

Using YouRoam

How to make an international call on YouRoam?

With YouRoam it’s easy to make an international call. Open the app and call the number. If the person you are calling also has YouRoam and answers the call on YouRoam, the call will be free. Otherwise, YouRoam will only charge you a few cents a minute for your international call.  The rate will be displayed prior to you making the call so you always know what you will be charged.

How to receive calls with my number?

You can receive calls on your own number anytime when using YouRoam. If you want to use your own number while traveling or roaming, you can forward your number to the YouRoam app prior to traveling, and you will receive all of your calls through the app, even if your phone is off. Forwarding your number is an easy way to avoid roaming fees from your mobile carrier.  For an easy how-to on forwarding your number, check out our demo video.

Can I receive text messages while roaming?

You can receive messages from other YouRoam users at anytime. Unfortunately, you cannot forward text messages into the YouRoam app while roaming because it is not currently supported by mobile networks. However, you can still receive calls through the forwarding function!  And you can SMS text anyone, even if they do not have the app and they can very simply download YouRoam from the link you send them with your texts.

What is Call Forwarding and how does it work?

Call forwarding allows you to forward your number to the YouRoam app so that you are not incurring roaming and international calling fees through your regular mobile plan if you are traveling or out of range of your cellular network. You will still receive all of your phone calls through the app.  Most carriers do not charge for call forwarding, but you should check with your specific mobile carrier.

*Note: Make sure to forward your calls before you leave your cellular network or it may be more difficult. So right before you board the plane, enable call forwarding and you should be set for the rest of your trip. If you forget and need assistance, email hi@youroam.com.

What number will people see if I call them while abroad?

Whoever you call through the app will see your regular phone number.

How do I answer a call on my iPhone?

If your phone is locked, you will get a notification of an incoming call on your lock screen. If you swipe the notification and then unlock your phone, the call will automatically open the YouRoam app and answer the call.

If your phone is unlocked a push notification will appear at the top of the phone and you simply have to click it to automatically open the YouRoam app and answer the call.

Billing & Cost

How much data is consumed by a call?

You can call for 200 minutes on 100MB of data. That means each call uses about 0.5MB per minute.

How to add credit?

You can add credit from within the app using in-app payments. We allow you to buy credit of the following increments: 0.99, 4.99, 9.99, 19.99 USD.

Will YouRoam help to reduce my phone bill when traveling abroad?

Yes, instead of paying exorbitant international calling or roaming rates on your cell phone, your calls will be routed through data reducing your costs from approximately $2 per minute to a few cents!

How much does YouRoam cost?

It is free to download YouRoam and all YouRoam to YouRoam calls and messages are completely free.  In addition, all incoming calls on your own number are free!  The only calls you pay for are calls and SMS texts to non-YouRoam users.  The rate per minute or SMS text to the number you dialed will be displayed before you make a call or send the text so there are no hidden fees and you know how much you will be charged.  You can also check rates in the YouRoam app by going to Home, Add Credit and Check Rates.  Your balance is always displayed in USD on the dialer and we provide you with $1.00 credit for joining YouRoam and an additional $1.00 for inviting friends through the app (go to Home, Earn Free Credit and invite friends) once those friends join YouRoam. You can earn up to $5.00 free credit by getting your friends to use YouRoam!


What to do if I didn’t receive my verification code?

1) Check your phone number:
Make sure you entered your correct phone number. Also make sure the correct country code is entered. 
Sometimes the app will enter the country code twice and the text message will not be sent
2) Check your mobile network or WiFi access:
You may not be receiving your verification code because you do not have a cellular signal. If you are unsure if you have cellular signal, try texting yourself. 
3) If the text does not come through try the callback option:
If you have not received a text with your verification code try the automatic callback option. You will receive a call with an automated voice that will give you your verification code. 
*If you still cannot receive a text/SMS message and a call verification you can send an email to hi@youroam.com or visit our contact us page giving your phone number and a YouRoam team member will contact you.

Why can't I make a call?

This might have to do with a connection problem. Make sure that you are connected to WiFi or a 3G/4G/LTE data connection.
You may also want to check to see if you have sufficient credit in your account. levitra 20 mg


How can I earn free credit?

You can earn free credit by referring the app to your friends. Go to your home screen on the app and click earn free credit. You can then choose a social media to share to and if your friends download the app you can earn $1.00 of free credit.

What if I am not near my phone, can I still use YouRoam?

Not yet, but we are developing a web version of YouRoam. You will soon be able to log-in with your phone number online and make outbound calls showing your number.

How do I create an account?

Download the YouRoam app on the App Stores and use your phone number to create your account so you will never have to remember a password or username. This way, when you call your friends through YouRoam, they will see your regular caller ID and will not avoid your calls.

Can i use a different SIM card with YouRoam?

Absolutely! This is an easy way to get inexpensive data and take advantage of the inexpensive calling rates with YouRoam.  If your phone is unlocked, you can change SIM cards pretty easily. If your phone is not unlocked or you are not sure, contact your buy generic ambien.  SIM cards are typically available at the airport but are typically less expensive if you just walk into a local carrier store when you are abroad.  For more information on using SIM cards with YouRoam, check out our infographic.  If your phone is locked, you can still use YouRoam on WiFi or purchase a data plan from your carrier.

Can I use YouRoam on an iPod touch, iPad or tablet?

Yes! For iPod and iPad, go to the App Store and select “iPhone only” and search for YouRoam.  Register your phone number after YouRoam is downloaded and go through the same verification process.  After you are verified, you can use your device to make and receive calls, message and SMS text over WiFi even if it is not connected to a mobile plan.

How to install YouRoam on my iPad?

1. Go to the App Store on the home screen of your iPad
2. Type in YouRoam in the search bar and click on the first option
3. Change the options on the left side of the screen from iPad Only to iPhone Only
4. GET the app!