Free Mobile Application Eliminates Roaming for International Travelers

August 9, 2014

MIAMI BEACH, FL— YouRoam launched a smartphone application that eliminates roaming fees for international travelers and it now available for Android and iPhones.

The YouRoam App is a huge relief for global travelers! It eliminates astronomical roaming charges from cell phone service providers by enabling users to make and receive calls using their cellphone numbers over data. With a ‘Smart Caller ID’ feature, YouRoam allows users to know who is calling them, even if the caller isn’t in their contacts.  Users can avoid unwanted phone calls that waste time and money! The YouRoam app also provides better call quality than a regular phone call!

The app is free to download and enables unlimited free calling and text messaging between YouRoam users. Even more exciting is the premium service that unlocks unlimited calling to and from any phone in the United States and Canada. Say goodbye to roaming fees!

With YouRoam, users receive calls on their own cellphone numbers. They are freed from the hassle of distributing a new phone number to family and clients while they travel.  Plus, it gives users the luxury of travelling without informing anyone of their whereabouts.

The App enables the user to receive their calls over WiFi or 3G instead of through their carrier, avoiding high costs of roaming and international calls.  You will never have to change SIM cards in every country

If the user spends time out of service range while traveling, YouRoam keeps track of all missed calls and voicemails.  When the phone comes back online, users will see all their missed calls and have access to free voicemail. YouRoam also keeps track of how much data each call uses and whether the call was made using WiFi or 3G.

YouRoam is now available in the App Store and Play Store everywhere in the world – check out our video.

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