Ten Amazing Apps That Could Change Your Life

The V2Venture Competition enabled early-stage startups to pitch their products and/or services to industry experts and investors. Ten applications particularly impressed me.

The Results Are In: Finalists Selected for 2015 V2Venture Competition

SXSW V2Venture Finalists

Village 36: YouRoam One of Selected Companies

Village 36 will showcase the southeast’s ,pst innovative startup companies. The selected companies will receive high-value networking opportunities, investor connections, media exposure and the opportunity to pitch for prizes…


YouRoam lets you call any phone in the world without roaming charges

“First, they help you forward your phone number into YouRoam before you leave your home country. Once you arrive to your destination, turn on your WiFi and start receiving calls at very inexpensive rates!”

Texas New Venture Competition

YouRoam is a mobile application that makes your smartphone smarter. It allows you to make and receive calls on YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER worldwide without paying roaming or long distance fees and allows you to always know is calling and how you are connected with our Social Caller ID.

Miami Herald: Florida Venture Forum selects presenting companies for Early Stage Capital Conference

The Florida Venture Forum has selected 19 Florida-based companies to present and two companies to exhibit at its Early Stage Capital Conference.

Florida Venture Forum Announces Presenting Companies for 2015 Early Stage Capital Conference

The presenting companies, some of Florida’s best prospects for attracting equity financing, were selected from the largest-ever pool of applicants for this conference by a committee of active Florida early stage investors.

Austin startup takes on Vonage, expects 3 million users soon

An Austin startup that developed a mobile app to eliminate roaming charges for international phone service is yet another example of how just about everything is being shifted to — or routed through — the Internet.

Austin international phone call startup sets goal of 3 million users

Marcos Cunha was shocked at the cost of making mobile calls home to Florida while on a European vacation in 2013. So he launched a company to do something about it.

XLR8Live Interview with YouRoam


YouRoam Wins SXSW Readers Choice

And the winner of Tech Cocktail’s Hottest Showcasing SXSW Startup Readers Choice was YouRoam. The company allows you to make and receive calls on your own cell phone number anywhere in the world without paying roaming and international fees.

Who is the Hottest Showcasing Startup at SXSW?

Launching your startup at SXSW is a thing of legends. But it’s also hard work – you’ve got to hit the pavement, hand out stickers or hats or chapstick, and try to be heard above the noise. That’s why Tech Cocktail holds one of the hottest parties in Austin to help startups amplify their voice and demo their product to more than a thousand SXSW attendees all in one place.

International Calling Apps Review

If there’s one expense associated with our smart phones that we can do without it’s the roaming fees for making international calls when we’re on the road (or even at home). Depending on your wireless plan, international calling could cost you about $30 per month (annual contract required) and $1 per minute to check voice mail, call home or even reach out to a client.

4 Cool New Startups at The Next Web Conference

This app looks to help world travelers ditch services like Skype and Viber and provide free WiFi or LTE/3G calling from anywhere across the globe. Calls and texts between YouRoam users are free, and it’s only one-cent per minute when calling a non-YouRoam number.


Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Travel

Anyone who has ever traveled abroad with a smartphone knows how rapidly those tweets and Instagram posts can make your bill explode. Get more creative.

Viber vs YouRoam – Free Voice calling apps compared, which provides a better service?

In today’s world, we are always on the move. Whether you are flying to a meeting in Japan or are enjoying a holiday with your family in African deserts, you have this need to be in touch with the world.

YouRoam – Free WiFi Phone Calls, And Text Messages

YouRoam is an impressive app and it is very clever with what it does and certainly deals with a gap in the market. There are several advantages to downloading the app to your Android phone. In short it saves you roaming charges, it gives you free calls and texts…

Skype vs YouRoam – Which is Better For You?

The race is on for the domination of the mobile calling market, and apps like Skype and YouRoam are taking advantage of this opportunity. We are going to compare these two popular apps and let you know which is better.

Free Mobile Application Eliminates Roaming for International Travelers

The YouRoam App is a huge relief for global travelers! It eliminates astronomical roaming charges from cell phone service providers by enabling users to make and receive calls using their cellphone numbers over data.

From Startup Weekend to DemoDay — all in a week!

YouRoam, which allows users to make and receive calls without paying roaming fees over wifi or 3G. YouRoam’s Marcos Cunha also presented at the recent GeekTank2 in Fort Lauderdale and exhibited at eMerge Americas Techweek.