Texas New Venture Competition

Texas New Venture Competition

Summer 2015


  In the real world, bad guys wear masks. Online, the bad guys hide behind fake identities and fraudulent accounts. BeehiveID protects online communities by identifying these fraudulent accounts and ensuring online accounts are backed by real people.  
  We do not make water filters, we make water filters better! Our mission is to redefine the meaning of clean water by enabling existing water filtration systems to simultaneously, and cost effectively remove: heavy metals, viruses, harmful chemicals, radioactive ions, and inactivate bacteria. 

The most critical issues; maximized Production with minimized Costs and Asset/Environmental risks can be resolved by U-Solution’s proprietary, the Entire Well bore/Reservoir Monitoring System combined with; 
   1) Fiber Optic DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensor) and
   2) Real-time Visual Flow Profiler
  Luminostics, Inc. is a University of Houston spin-off developing smartphone-based rapid medical diagnostics, with the vision of empowering healthcare providers and consumers against critical diseases by bringing the medical testing laboratory to the smartphone.  
  SemanticMD provides a medical image analysis platform that helps physicians match, compare, and analyze medical images. Our solution uses the latest in computer vision and deep learning methods to continually improve its search and analysis accuracy.  
  TxESI is the first TAMUS equity biotech start up. TxESI’s technologies are multi-patented compositions with applications for food/feed, pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, and cosmetic markets. TxESI’s emphasis to date has been product development, clinical trials, test marketing and patent prosecution. 
    Using patented optoacoustic technology, Noninvasix, Inc. is developing an elegant solution for the safe, accurate and noninvasive monitoring of fetal welfare during labor and delivery. The company aims to reduce unnecessary c-sections, premiums and malpractice lawsuits. 
    Cirasys has developed the most advanced control method algorithms in the power industry. This platform technology gives converters and power supplies greater performance, a simpler design process, and entirely new operational capabilities using the same hardware, with broad market applicability.  
  Remind Tech Inc is a Texas based company committed to delivering advanced mobile health-tech solutions to help patients, their caregivers, and medical providers achieve radically improved Medication Adherence and Quality of Care. Platform includes: provider’s portal, patient app and pill dispenser.  
  Apotact Labs is building the interaction standard of the future. A wearable device slips over your hands to track your finger movements, allowing you to type the same way you would on a keyboard, without the keyboard. Stay productive no matter where you are or what device you’re using.  
  TeVido’s platform technology uses 3D bio-printing & living cells to build custom grafts for breast cancer reconstruction. Initially for nipple reconstruction and later to fill lumpectomies & fat grafting needs in the fields of reconstructive & aesthetic surgery, estimated as $6B market globally.  
  Sano Chemicals aims to develop novel approaches for promoting health through the discovery of natural products. Occidiofungin is a unique antifungal compound that has the potential to treat fungal infections and current studies warrant further development of the antifungal for clinical use.  
  Scepter Medical Devices is a biomedical start up company focusing on the development of novel vascular access technologies for use in dialysis patients. By improving vascular access for dialysis, Scepter will have a significant impact on cost and patient outcomes in the hemodialysis market.  
  YouRoam is a mobile application that makes your smartphone smarter. It allows you to make and receive calls on YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER worldwide without paying roaming or long distance fees and allows you to always know is calling and how you are connected with our Social Caller ID.  
  Guardian Sensors, Inc. is a medical device company that aims to provide a transformative solution of vital sign monitoring for inpatients. The Guardian Patch product offering is a wireless, battery-free platform monitoring system based on proprietary epidermal sensors technology.  
Silexta is developing low cost, safe, 3-D solid-state batteries with up to 20x the capacity of existing thin film solid-state batteries. Such batteries are essential for running next generation of wireless smart devices and micro sensors, therefore enabling future Internet of Things revolution. 
  ECM Technologies is designing collagen for biomedical needs. This novel biomaterial, Designer Collagen, is being developed into a dressing for chronic wounds, where clinicians need a low-cost, effective option ($6B market). ECM Technologies is preclinical and preparing for a 510(K) application.  


  ScribeSense grades paper tests and provides results online. We gift hours of time to overworked school teachers and bring digital literacy to underprivileged public schools without 1-to-1. We also keep parents engaged with a detailed online account of their kids’ work.  
  Thermal Expansion Solutions is a startup company focused on bringing affordable, scalable and stable AllVar alloy components to the opto-electronics industry. Successfully integrating AllVar into lasers will revolutionize the approach to thermal expansion compensation in these electronic devices.  
  Brevitest Technologies is a Houston-area medical device company engaged in the development of anext-generation point-of-care (POC) device that performs a clinical laboratory test in 10 minutes. Our vision is a future where physicians can order and act on a test in a single visit.

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