The Insider’s Guide to Making International Calls Cheaper

The Insider’s Guide to Making International Calls Cheaper

Making an international call is a bigger pain than it should be. Millions of travelers across the globe have had to find different ways to combat roaming fees because there is no better option. There are simply too many obstacles to make an international call. With our current technology it does not make sense that international roaming fees are unavoidable and expensive.


The reason these bills can get crazy expensive is because your carrier has to pay certain fees for the long distance call. They pay to route the phone call to the carrier of the phone you are calling (this is called call terminating). Each time the call connects to a different route, your carrier has to pay. Also, some governments have restrictions on call terminating and implement high taxes. This is where we see higher rates in certain countries come into play. So it turns out that there actually is some explanation behind the costs for international calling. But there still has to be a better way.


Looking through the various travel blogs out there, many different people suggest different options for calling while traveling. Calling cards, SIM Cards and mobile calling plans seem to be the most popular options out there. The only problem is that all of these options are not perfect and require a little back-bending to make them work.


  • Calling Cards are old school. But they are prepaid so you do not have to worry about bill shock.  First you buy a card with a certain amount on it and call the number on the card. Then you enter a PIN that you were given and can proceed to enter the phone number. Unfortunately, if you run out of funds the call will end.


  • SIM Cards are another option that frequent travelers use. You simply buy a SIM card for the country you are in, put it into your unlocked phone, and you can use your phone within the country. However, this does not quite solve the long distance calling fees if you need to call out of the country.


  • International Calling Plans are a good idea at the core but are too expensive. Most mobile networks offer a plan for international calls, but they usually have a limited number of minutes and data options.


  • YouRoam. The good news is that although there is not a solution to extreme international roaming fees, there are advances. There are a ton of apps out there that have made international call rates more reasonable. With YouRoam you can call almost anywhere in the world at extremely low costs. The app calls through WiFi or any data service and you can even use your own phone number. All incoming calls are also free. The result is an easy and simple international call. It makes calls cheaper!






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