Finalists Selected for 2015 V2Venture Competition: YouRoam in the Finals

Finalists Selected for 2015 V2Venture Competition: YouRoam in the Finals

June 15, 2015

Written by Jessica Cox

Over 200 companies applied to compete at V2Venture, but only 25 could make it to the big stage. Introducing the V2Venture finalists facing off in this special SXSW V2V pitch competition. This group represents some of the most innovative startups from Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies, Entertainment and Content Technologies, Health and Wearable Technologies, Innovative World Technologies and Social Technologies.

V2Venture is a special day-long event at SXSW V2V that takes place on Wednesday, July 22. The exciting, energy-packed day is led by emcees Mohanjit Jolly (DFJ) and Leah Hunter(Fast Company). The competition culminates in an award show Wednesday evening where the winners are revealed. This is a must-attend event at SXSW V2V!

Special thanks to the Judges and Advisory Board members who shared their expertise to determine these outstanding finalists.

Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies


AnchorID | Kingston, NY
AnchorID uses advanced mobile technology to let enterprises replace employee passwords with smartphones.

Igloohome | Philadelphia, PA
Igloohome is a software company that brings convenience and cost savings to short term rental hosts and managers via innovative smart home technologies and data analytics. The company is venture-backed and is a portfolio company of DreamIt Ventures.

Instant API | Rosemead, CA
We make it easy Create, Host, Manage and Monetize APIs from Existing Data and Services. What used to take months now takes minutes and at a fraction of the cost.

Meekan | Tel-Aviv, Israel
Meekan helps people to spend less time on scheduling, and more time on doing. Using NLU to create activity requests, it matches calendars, resources and preferences to find the best times for them. Scheduling and rescheduling was never so easy.

My Digital Shield | Wilmington, DE
MDS empowers IT professionals to secure their customers with Fortune 500 level security. Our customizable, Off-Prem, cloud-based solution offers continual protection against cyber threats & intrusion at an affordable price and no bandwidth pollution.


Homing In | Las Vegas, NV
Homing In was founded to allow consumers to connect directly with real estate agents for property showings on demand as well as allowing homeowners to receive expert-sourced home values directly from local real estate agents.

Nfoshare | New York, NY
Nfoshare does 10 second weekly automated check-ins with employees & each quarter; it generates simple research-based suggestions for managers/HR to act on to increase engagement. We then measure its impact. It’s used in GE, Samsung & other companies.

Wyzerr | Los Angeles, CA
Wyzerr makes it fun, fast, and easy to collect and analyze consumer feedback data. We build surveys that look and feel like games.

Entertainment and Content Technologies


Evrybit | Santa Monica, CA
Evrybit is a mobile-first live collaborative storytelling app. We empower anyone to create and monetize media on a smartphone in real time.

MakersKit | Los Angeles, CA
MakersKit brings creativity to life. Grow fresh herbs, shake classic cocktails or build your own furniture. Learning a new skill is exciting with our entertaining digital videos paired with unique DIY kits, available in over 5,000 stores world-wide.

Pinshape | Vancouver, Canada
Pinshape is the next generation 3D printing community & marketplace for brands, designers and makers. We make it easy to find and successfully print great 3D designs, while mitigating intellectual property risk through secure streaming technology.

Sonzia | Boston, MA
Sonzia focuses on developing technology to aid and assist those with disabilities. We provide durable, affordable, institutional solutions for assistive, geriatric, and special needs care. We built Touch Easels to open the digital world to everyone.

Virtex Apps | Redwood City, CA
Virtex Apps creates active virtual reality experiences for mobile devices. In such apps, users are surrounded by a virtual world and can walk in the real world to move in the virtual. These unique experiences run on phones already owned by millions.


Audiokite Research | New York, NY
Audiokite Research delivers a comprehensive overview of any music creator’s audience appeal through song-level surveys and reports. This data is actively informing composition & marketing decisions for garage bands and major music companies alike.

innoBright Technologies | Albuquerque, NM
innoBright’s “Altus” software makes current Monte Carlo based rendering systems run more than 10x faster while providing high-quality results via patent protected noise removal algorithms, thereby saving over 54% in costs.

Ripple | Providence, RI
Ripple is a mobile app that uses trending celebrity content to enable influencers and their fans to generate awareness and drive donations to their favorite charities, without asking for a dime. Ripple makes charitable giving simple, fun & free.

Health and Wearable Technologies


Moving Analytics | Los Angeles, CA
Moving Analytics helps hospitals implement a reimbursable, remote cardiac rehabilitation program, delivered through patients’ mobile devices. Using our software hospitals increase patient enrollment, reduce readmissions and generate additional revenue.

Proper Pillow | Carlsbad, CA
The Proper Pillow + combines the comfort and support everyone deserves for a better night’s sleep. By integrating a sensor network of pressure, audio and thermal within the Pillow itself the end user will be able to “Quantify your Sleep”.

UnaliWear | Austin, TX
UnaliWear Kanega provides discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering in a classically-styled watch with an easy speech interface – no buttons. It goes where you go, no smart phone needed (unlike Apple watch).

Welkin Health | San Francisco, CA
Welkin Health provides a platform for building long-term relationships with patients across multiple communication channels, allowing case managers to focus on people rather than software.

Wellop | Toledo, OH
The missing link in global wellness is an anemic grasp of the psychosocial challenges in recovery and prevention. Wellopp is the digital health solution to this problem. Immersive health media plus machine learning improves outcomes and lowers cost.


LabCures | Novato, CA LabCures organizes verified U.S. research labs in the health sciences and makes them accessible to the world. We democratize scientists to connect with the crowd based on like-minded research interests. LabCures is changing the way science is funded.

Prima-Temp | Boulder, CO
Prima-Temp has revolutionized continuous temperature sensing. Our first product, OvuRing, passively tracks a woman’s body temperature, detecting the subtle changes that occur before ovulation, and then sends an alert to her phone when she’s most fertile.

Proskriptive | Boise, IA
Proskriptive is a data science company focused on healthcare. We create and market predictive models through the Predictive Model Market and provide a fast, open and transparent Care Analytics Repository to guide better data-driven decision-making.

Innovative World Technologies


Digitzs | Santa Monica, CA Digitzs is patent-pending platform + mobile app where merchants get paid next day, even on a Sunday, and choose their fees from 0%-3%. Developed by pros from Visa, PayPal & Kount, Digitzs targets merchants who don’t swipe cards or use shopping carts.

Drivemode | San Jose, CA
Drivemode is building a connected driving experience that’s accessible to everyone by making smartphones safer and more efficient to use in the car. Our app allows you to access the apps and services you love through an intuitive “No-look” interface

GuideOn | Oakland, CA
GuideOn is a military veteran talent acquisition platform. We leverage behavioral and data science to instantly transform a veteran’s military experiences into a civilian professional profile enabling employers to find and hire qualified veterans.

LISNR | Cincinnati, OH
LISNR is a new communication standard using high frequency “data over audio” to connect smart devices. Our technology can turn any speaker or microphone into a trigger, delivering experiences with the LISNR SDK and proprietary our “smart tones”.

Voatz | Brookline MA
Voatz is a smartphone-only election voting platform which is secured & anonymized via biometrics, offers advanced analytics & is built on a highly optimized blockchain-based backend which provides complete real time transparency & irrefutability.


AstroPrint | San Diego, CA
AstroPrint is the Android & Google Play for the 3D printing industry. With 80% 3D printer compatibility, AstroPrint is poised to be the default platform for 3rd party content development and distribution for the entire 3D printing market.

BeON Home | Cambridge, MA
BeON Home takes the familiar light bulb form factor to create a thoughtful approach to home protection, uniting both security and safety to deliver peace of mind while away and keep you safe and sound while at home.

RainGrid | Toronto, ON
RainGrid keeps cites safe with a smart, cost-effective alternative to piped storm water infrastructure. Our storm water smart grid combines the internet of things with residential cisterns to catch rain and build climate resilient cities.

Social Technologies


Assure Technologies | Santa Cruz, CA
Assure Technologies delivers technology products for social connection and support, focused on the 50+ market. WithMe, our first product, is an easy-to-use mobile app that connects older adults to their loved ones with a simple interactive Check-In.

Mirens | Toronto, Canada
Mirens is a collaborative crowdsourcing furniture design platform for designers and the community to turn great designs into great products through our manufacturer relationships.

Nvite | Washington, DC
nvite is the most sophisticated, #social and seamless event ticketing, RSVP and guest management platform. Started by a group of veteran entrepreneurs that exited their previous company to Twitter pre-IPO; we’re reimagining and redesigning events.

weeSPIN | Culver City, CA
Launched in 2014, weeSPIN is a free live music player that enables users to listen together in real-time, wherever they are. weeSPIN is currently available in the App Store as a free download and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Yeplive | Toronto, Canada
Yeplive allows you to discover, stream, and share the world’s moments as they unfold. From everyday events with friends & family, to checking out concerts live, to world news and beautiful moments, Yeplive is here to live in the moment with you.


Monday Envelope | Concord, CA
Our single sign-on solution makes it easy to organize, mobilize and fundraise in real time from any device; empowering parents and teachers who are making a significant difference in the lives of their children and for their communities.

Tagillion | Las Vegas, NV
Tagillion is the easiest way to connect with brands. Tagillion is a social lifestyle network that rewards your influence. Get sponsored by businesses and be rewarded for your content.

YouRoam | Austin, TX
YouRoam lets you make and receive calls on your own phone number anywhere in the world while avoiding outrageous roaming bills. Call anyone and receive free calls without the need for app-to-app calling. Never pay for roaming while roaming the world.

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