Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Travel

Consider a Smarter Smartphone (Tip 11 of 11)

Anyone who has ever traveled abroad with a smartphone knows how rapidly those tweets and Instagram posts can make your bill explode. Get more creative. Skype has a hotspot finder that works worldwide to help you save money on calls and data roaming, for example, and Republic Wireless lets you make and receive calls over WiFi, with no special apps required. Use WiFi to download subway maps, restaurant suggestions, and walking tours; just about anything to avoid the normal tourist traps. Another option is YouRoam, a mobile app that lets you make and receive calls on your own phone number without paying roaming and long distance fees while you travel You’ll never miss a call and instead of paying $1 to $3 (minimum) calling back home, you pay only 1 cent per minute. And remember, you don’t have to be on Facebook every moment of your trip! Take a break from social media and live in the moment! It’s Thanksgiving, after all!


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