Viber vs YouRoam – Free Voice calling apps compared, which provides a better service?

Nove 21, 2014

Written by Aditya

Viber has been the leading VoIP service provider for the smartphone markets – and has been rising in market share ever since its inception.

The application has banked on the service of ‘free calling’ – and it has been promoting itself on the name of that feature since the time they first came out.

YouPhone is another application which provides the same services of VoIP.

They have been known to be the third in the industry after Skype and Viber.

Applications such as YouRoam stay in the shadows of Skype and Viber – and ultimately when they come out they surprise the world.

In today’s world, we are always on the move. Whether you are flying to a meeting in Japan or are enjoying a holiday with your family in African deserts, you have this need to be in touch with the world.

There is this need of keeping in constant touch with the office you work in – what papers need to be sent to whom, what department has to order what material, none of these things can be done without communication.

Not just your professional life, but your personal life as well – imagine this, you are off to a month long business trip far off to India, how hard does life become when you do not get to hear the voice of your four year old daughter for weeks?

Both these applications, Viber as well as YouRoam provide options to make calls to landline and mobile phones as well, and they charge a very nominal amount for it.

YouRoam also provides you with the data usage information after every call. Viber’s advantage lies in the fact that it is an established brand and also comes with a PC application – which is hugely in its favor.

YouRoam as well as Viber are still dwarfs when considered against Skype in a larger, overall VoIP market, but give Skype a close fight when we look at the smartphone markets in particular.

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