Our Brand Ambassador Program is a global community of selected YouRoam users who volunteer their knowledge, time and social media expertise to show others how YouRoam can help everyone avoid roaming, long-distance and make calls in places with poor cellular reception. YouRoam ambassadors are here to teach, share and help customers get more out of YouRoam.

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited Texts

Work Experience

Brand Recognition

Always have the newest version

Letter of Recommendation

  • Free unlimited calls and texts on YouRoam
  • Participate in Beta tests before the public
  • Recognition on our official website and social media posts
  • Letter of Recommendation to outstanding ambassadors
  • Work experience to add to your resume

Want to join us?

YouRoam Ambassadors pledge to share their passion for our app, participate in social media and try out our betas.

Write us a brief message stating why you would be a great YouRoam Ambassador and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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